Ra Route

Green tour trails – Part I

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Ra Route

Camp – Agios Antonios – Panagia Mavridiani – Meronas – Camp

Discovering the all-green nature southeast of Meronas

Ra Route will take you through the most lovely countryside around Meronas. Even better, if it is combined with route Rb, it features history, religion and many nature stops along the way. Byzantine chapels with magnificent frescoes, remnants of old stone watermills, lush vegetation and a variety of crops (olive trees, walnut trees, cherry trees,…) are the main features that make up the interest of this route.
Note to bikers! Pathways unsuitable for bikes are avoided by choosing dirt road sections.

The route at a glance

Start – End: Wild Nature Eco Lodge Camp
Direction: Forth / Back
Distance: 4,78 Km | 4,35 Km
Duration: 1h15′ / According to your skills
Degree: leisurely (experienced hikers) / moderate (skilled bikers)
Altitude: 628m 492m 628m | Drop: +216m -215m
Red line: foot path / Green line: dirt or paved road.

Ra Route localization

Lon 35.230759° Lat 24.634361°
Municipality of Amari 74061 Crete

Route map and elevation profile

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