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The Eco-touristic importance of Amari

The location of Amari between Kedros and Psiloritis mountains stuns even the most well-travelled adventurer, standing out in the minds of many as the richest eco-touristic destination in Crete.
--It is a place where the power of nature dominates for thousands of years. Since ancient times, the nature of the area inspired the adoration of the god Pan, the goat-footed god of nature and pastoral life who symbolizes the mutual relationship between humans and nature.

--Spread over a dramatic landscape with various morphological contrasts, the area combines all the characteristics that make up the perfect environment for an eco-touristic paradise for mountaineers, hikers, cyclists, nature lovers, and adventurers alike.
--Here in the heart of Rethymno and Crete, the natural beauty is enchanting, along with the hospitable locals, their work and their longstanding culture.
--Picturesque villages are nested in the ragged slopes of the tall mountains. Dramatic gorges split the lime-stone rock, chiseled by millennia of rain and snow.
--From green pastures one can see bare mountain tops rising strikingly in the distance. The rich vegetation includes many rare species and even some notable plants unique to the area (endemic tulips, orchids, irises, gladioli, etc.).
--There are also a variety of rare species of birds around the Potami dam and in the distant slopes of Psiloritis and Kedros.
--In every corner of the lush green Asomathianos plain, there are temples with magnificent murals and unassuming churches reminiscent of old Christian times. Stone footbridges, old water-mills, archaeological sites and abandoned forts add even more to the endless list of things you can explore in the area.


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