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Experience Crete’s unique natural beauty while staying in the one-of-a-kind “Wild Nature Eco Lodge Camp” in the picturesque village of Meronas in Amari.
--Lose yourself in the camp’s magical and peaceful environment and enjoy the special atmosphere created by the spacious cloth and wood lodges. A camp that fits harmoniously in its natural environment, in the heart of a lush green forest with a view of Psiloriti.
--Diverse nature, picturesque villages, Byzantine churches, rural life, and agricultural cultivation comprise the unique scenery around the camp.

A new holiday concept

--The establishment of the Wild Nature Eco Camp aims to develop a purely eco-tourist holiday at the edge of the Amari region. This increasingly popular form of tourism is for small groups of tourists whose main objective is to get to know the natural and human environment while maintaining its natural balance.
--The most significant activities on your visit include visiting cultural sites such as villages, churches and other historical and archaeological monuments and exploring nature with mild forms of activity such as walking and cycling.

Customer's profile

--The Wild Nature Eco-Camp caters to a purely eco-touristic clientele. All our guests have a love for nature and a desire to experience authentic life in the country.
--These are usually families who join us, small school groups and walking clubs. We often receive young cyclists - in group or individual - who engage in the practice of mountain biking and young adventurers who go to the "conquest" of the high peaks of Mount Psiloritis, or exploring the deep gorges of the region. More often we receive vacationers who have a cultural interest in Amari, with visits to Byzantine churches, archaeological sites and historical monuments.
--Neither age nor experience are a constraint to join us. All you need is a youthful spirit and passion for nature!


-- Situated at an altitude of 650 meters at the southeast foot of Mt Katsonissi (N35 13.746 E24 37.217), the Wild Nature Eco-Camp lies in a forested area of 27.000 m². It is just one kilometer from Meronas, one of the most beautiful villages of the Municipality of Amari.
-- The entire camp is covered with olive trees, myrtle, oak, and plane trees. It overlooks the Amari valley, with panoramic views of the mountains, Psiloritis Samitos and Kedros.

The natural environment

--Surrounded by towering mountains, deep gorges, wild highland, cultivated olive groves, oak trees and pastures, the Wild Nature Eco Camp is the ideal base for a wide range of activities in contact with nature. You may also visit ancient Byzantine churches, villages (purely pastoral and agricultural), historic monuments, and archaeological sites.
--On the agenda: hiking, biking escapades, botanical discoveries, bird watching, cultural tours, and trips to the south coast for swimming and sea kayaking
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